House of Cards stands strong with shocking season two opener


Kevin Spacey once again stars as the sly and imposing figure of Frank Underwood in season 2 of the hit Netflix political drama

Season two of the Netflix only, political drama House of Cards was released on Friday as a Valentine’s Day treat for all of those who enjoyed the first season. And as one of those waiting eagerly for its arrival I can now say that I was certainly not disappointed by theopening episode of the tale of one man’s ruthless journey to the highest seat in American politics.

As I sat down to watch the first episode I prepared myself for what I expected to be a gentle trickle of a story that would build to major events over the course of a number of episodes. But this time it seems the people behind the show decided to try something different as,without revealing any spoilers, the first episode contains, what must be one of the most shocking and foundation shaking moments of the shows’ history. It really set the tone and pace for what looks to be an exciting and impressive second series.

Kevin Spacey’s character Frank Underwood returns and if possible has become even more power-hungry and ruthless than he was at the end of the previous series. It almost seems that the closer he gets to his ultimate goal of the American Presidency the more willing he is to step on or destroy anyone who might possibly prove to be an obstacle.

Now to move on to episode two…


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